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Deutsche Telekom Stiftung supports many different educational players with a range of attractive programs – from scholarships to contests and projects.

Here is a brief summary of our current competitions, funding programs and vacancies.

Competitions for places of learning outside of school:

(e.g. libraries, child and youth services organizations)

Library of the Year
This award, which we hand out together with the German Library Association, recognizes innovative library work in Germany, focusing on the development and successful use of digital education programs. Winners receive a EUR 27,000 cash prize.

Yes, I can!
Through this nationwide initiative, Deutsche Telekom Stiftung supports child and youth development projects and organizations. It aims to teach skills, particularly to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, and thus empower them to become active, independent and productive members of society. The foundation provides around EUR 600,000 in funding each year. It supplies individual projects with up to EUR 10,000.


Competitions for schools:

Junior Engineer Academy
The Junior Engineer Academy (JEA) is a two-year, hands-on, project-based technology elective class for 8th and 9th graders that has been rolled out to more than 100 college preparatory and comprehensive schools throughout Germany. The schools work closely with companies and universities so that students get a sense of engineers’ and researchers’ workdays and discover their own talents. Deutsche Telekom Stiftung helps schools in selected states set up their own JEA. Start-up funding can be as high as EUR 10,000.


What does Deutsche Telekom Stiftung fund – and what doesn’t it fund?

We are a strictly non-profit, primarily operational foundation. In other words, we develop and implement our projects ourselves – either on our own or with partners. We generally do not support others’ initiatives and projects, even when they pursue the same objectives that we do. Any support we do provide is limited to several clearly defined foundation programs that use competitions.

It is our goal to operate with maximum transparency. That’s why we base everything we do on the principles embodied in the Transparent Civil Society Initiative commitment, generally accepted good foundation practices and the Association of German Foundation’s recommendations for non-profit corporate foundations.


Current vacancies:

There are currently no vacancies.


Foto: You X Ventures/Unsplash