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  • Cooperation with Greece

    JEA-network grows internationally

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  • Can you learn to be happy?

    Thomas de Maizière on the skills need in the 21st century.

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  • Knowing what counts in future

    Deutsche Telekom Stiftung realigns itself

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  • Struggle for Talent and Diversity

    A Study on Journalists in Germany, Sweden, UK

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In the future, we want to change school rather from the outside in by helping schools open up more.



Our programs and projects

  • Pupils working together on a project

    Creating Opportunities@Bonn

    Commitment to helping at home

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  • Two students by the computer

    Data Science

    Learning to analyse data in school

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  • Digital learning in elementary school

    Digital Learning in Elementary School

    Using digital media skillfully

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  • DZLM


    A passion for mathematics

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  • Early study

    Early College

    From the classroom to the auditorium

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  • The picture shows our fellows in a group discussion.

    Fellowship Program STEM Didactics

    Skilled STEM teaching

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  • Forschergeist


    When children become researchers

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  • Forum Education and Digitalization

    Forum Education and Digitalization

    Learning in a digitalized world

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  • Our scholarships


    Teaching talent needed

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  • The building of Futurium

    Futurium - House of the Future

    Bringing inspiration and innovation to life

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  • Students working on a laptop

    GestaltBar – The digital workshop

    Digital skills for vo-tech students

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  • Students during technology lessons of the Junior Engineer Academy

    Junior Engineer Academy

    A preference for technical subjects

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  • Library of the Year

    Library of the Year

    Libraries: mediators of digital education

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  • Little Scientists’ House

    Little Scientists’ House

    Institutional partnership

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  • LuPE


    Encouraging children's curiosity

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  • Mastering math

    Mastering math

    Support for students at risk

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  • Media prize for educational journalism

    Media prize for educational journalism

    Making education easy to understand

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  • MINTeinander


    Modules of STEM education

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  • START scholars in laboratory

    START Scholarship

    Get off to a great START!

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  • Students Research Camp

    Students Research Camp

    Science for Elementary School

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  • Teacher education monitor

    Teacher education monitor

    Orientation for the next generation of teachers

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  • teacher is explaing things to his pupils

    The Future of STEM Learning

    Idea factory for classes with digital media

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  • Volunteer Readers

    Volunteer Readers

    Combining STEM and Language

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  • Ich kann was!

    Yes, I Can!

    Discovering and developing potential

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International activities

International activities

Deutsche Telekom Stiftung is reaching out beyond Germany’s borders and promoting educational excellence in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in other countries.

Action with impact

Zahl 100 mit Raketen-Piktogramm

were realised by Deutsche Telekom Stiftung since its founding 15 years ago.

Zahl 120 mit Piktogramm Geldmünzen

million euro were spent in the same time for foundation purposes.

Number 2.630 with a book icon

people in Germany and Europa get involved as STEM Volunteer Readers.