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  • Executive Board Chairman Prof. Wolfgang Schuster

    “Learn from others”

    Executive Board Chairman Prof. Wolfgang Schuster about our international activities.

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  • young woman planning a technical project

    The interest is growing

    How attractive is STEM for girls and women?

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  • female pupil with 3D printer

    JEA network grows

    Hands-on technology at 99 schools

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  • Woman reading guide for parents

    Guides for parents

    Family as a place of learning and education

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  • Waldemar Schmidt

    Experiencing the differences

    Student teacher Waldemar Schmidt uses the Klaus Kinkel scholarship

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More than ever before, people who want to navigate this world competently and confidently need not only a solid STEM education but digital skills as well. Those who don't have them will be left out - or left behind.


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International activities

International activities

Deutsche Telekom Stiftung is reaching out beyond Germany’s borders and promoting educational excellence in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in other countries.

Action with impact

Gelbe Kachel mit der Zahl 1,3 und Zahnrad-Icon

million euros have been given by Deutsche Telekom Stiftung to promote STEM-related projects at its home base in Bonn to date.

Grüne Kacheln mit der Zahl 651 und Kinder-Icon

day care centers have entered the 2018 Forschergeist (“Inquiring minds”) competition.

Sandfarbene Kachel mit der Zahl 340 und Haus-Icon

institutions are taking part in our MINTeinander project, thereby profiting from training opportunities and educational materials.