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Dr. Gerd Hanekamp

Director Programs

Porträtfoto von Dr. Gerd Hanekamp

Dr. Gerd Hanekamp, born on 25 September 1966 in Werlte, Germany, has been Director of Programs at Deutsche Telekom Stiftung since November 1, 2007. After studying chemistry at the Universities of Heidelberg and Marburg as well as the École Supérieure de Chimie de Lille, Hanekamp obtained his Ph.D. under Professor Peter Janich at the Institute for Philosophy at the University of Marburg and became a project manager (1996) and then deputy director (2003) at the newly founded European Academy of Technology and Innovation Assessment in Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler (Professor Carl-Friedrich Gethmann). In 2005, he joined the German Council of Science and Humanities, where he coordinated the Excellence Initiative of the Federal and State Governments project group. Hanekamp is a member of the Council's working group „Evaluation of initial teacher training in mathematics“ and heads the National STEM Forum’s STEM Personnel at Schools project group.