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Our projects

Deutsche Telekom Stiftung focuses on four core areas: Education Drivers, Education Opportunities, Education Innovations and Education Dialog. In Education Drivers, the foundation supports people who inspire others to study STEM subjects. Education Opportunities involves projects to prepare children and teenagers to succeed in STEM fields and participate fully in our connected world. In Education Innovations, the foundation invests in researchers and teachers who specialize in STEM subjects. Finally, Education Dialog comprises all the projects in which the foundation works with policymakers and civil society to improve education in a digitized world.

Picture credit: Sascha Kreklau

Projects in detail

  • Digital School - The federal indicator

    Digital School - The federal indicator

    Development status at a glance

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  • Media prize for educational journalism

    Media prize for educational journalism

    Making education easy to understand

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  • Forum Education and Digitalization

    Forum Education and Digitalization

    Learning in a digitalized world

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  • Teacher education monitor

    Teacher education monitor

    Orientation for the next generation of teachers

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  • Doctoral Scholarships

    Doctoral scholarships

    Talent with a thirst for action

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  • Fellowship Program STEM Didactics

    Fellowship Program STEM Didactics

    Skilled STEM teaching

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