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Workshop with several girls in the youth club

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  • layout study journalism

    Are Journalists Today’s Coal Miners?

    The Struggle for Talent and Diversity in Modern Newsrooms – A Study on Journalists in Germany, Sweden, and the United Kingdom

  • layout strategy

    Knowing what counts in future.

    Our new strategy

  • Cover from booklet „International Impacts“

    International Impacts

    Projects, Players, Goals

  • Parent Guide Science (German / English)

    Ten practical ways to help kids learn at home in German and English.



  • Portrait Thomas de Maizière

    Dr. Thomas de Maizière

    Resolution: 300 dpiDownload
  • Prof. Dr. Ulrike Cress

    Prof. Dr. Ulrike Cress

    Resolution: 300 dpiDownload
  • Dr. Christian P. Illek

    Dr. Christian P. Illek

    Resolution: 300 dpiDownload
  • Dr. Ekkehard Winter

    Dr. Ekkehard Winter

    Resolution: 300 dpiDownload