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Students talk to their teacher in the classroom

Knowing what counts in future

A driving force for a new educational ecosystem

Deutsche Telekom Stiftung is one of Germany’s main educational foundations. We have been supporting projects that address issues in science, technology, engineering and mathematics for over 15 years.

It is our conviction that a modern educational system has to effectively prepare children and teenagers to tackle global challenges such as digitalization, climate change, electromobility and biodiversity. Schools should be the primary site for learning – but not the only one. Libraries, youth centers, makerspaces and media workshops are also important. That’s why we initiate and encourage partnerships with these institutions in our projects in order to create an ideal educational ecosystem for young people.

We help children and adolescents aged 10 to 16 actively shape their own learning in and outside of school and so independently acquire important skills for their education and for life. For us, these skills include solid technical and interdisciplinary knowledge of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, all acquired as part of a well-rounded education. We also believe critical thinking and judgment, creativity, communication and teamwork will be essential for personal and professional success in the future.

We present our projects, educational programs and partners in detail on individual project pages. Our findings and results are available for free in the media library.

Our Organization

Deutsche Telekom Stiftung was established by Deutsche Telekom in 2003 and is one of Germany’s major corporate foundations with an endowment of EUR 150 million. It has two governing bodies: the Board of Trustees and the Executive Board. The Board of Trustees advises the Executive Board on the foundation’s development. The Executive Board manages the foundation’s assets, decides on strategic issues, programs and projects and manages the foundation in close consultation with the Executive Director.


How we work

We are a strictly non-profit, primarily operational foundation. In other words, we develop and implement our projects ourselves – either on our own or with partners. We generally do not support others’ initiatives and projects, even when they pursue the same objectives that we do. Any support we do provide is limited to several clearly defined foundation programs that use invitations to tender announced with plenty of advance notice. We only consider applications submitted in response to our tenders. It is our goal to operate with maximum transparency. That’s why we base everything we do on the principles embodied in the Transparent Civil Society Initiative commitment, generally accepted good foundation practices and the Association of German Foundation’s recommendations for non-profit corporate foundations.


Picture credit: Deepol by plainpicture/Susanne Kronholm