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Sitz der Deutsche Telekom Stiftung in Bonn

Deutsche Telekom Stiftung

Deutsche Telekom Stiftung was established in 2003 to strengthen Germany's position as an education, research and technology leader. It is one of the country's main corporate foundations with an endowment of EUR 150 million. It specifically supports STEM projects aimed at children and teenagers aged 10 to 16.

It is our conviction that a modern educational system has to effectively prepare children and teenagers to tackle global challenges such as digitalization, climate change, electromobility and dwindling biodiversity. Schools should be the primary place for learning – but not the only one. Libraries, youth centers, makerspaces and media workshops are important, too. That’s why we initiate and encourage partnerships with these institutions in our activities in order to create an ideal educational ecosystem for young people.

We help children and adolescents actively shape their own learning in and outside of school and thus independently acquire important skills for their education and for life. These skills, which may be hard or soft, include solid knowledge of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), all acquired as part of a well-rounded education. We also believe critical thinking and judgment, creativity, communication and teamwork will be essential for personal and professional success.

Since we primarily operate in Germany, most of the content on our website is only available in German. The German version of our website contains information on our activities as well as studies, educational material and interesting articles on specific topics.

Deutsche Telekom Stiftung has two governing bodies: the Board of Trustees and the Executive Board. The Board of Trustees advises the Executive Board on the foundation’s development. The Executive Board manages the foundation’s assets, decides on strategic issues, programs and projects and manages the foundation in close consultation with the Executive Director.

Executive Board

Executive Management