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Three teachers are discussing an idea

New Learning Workshop

Developing ideas together

What should the future of education look like? What educational programs will best prepare young people for the challenges of the 21st century? And how can a wide variety of institutions cooperate to create an educational ecosystem? These questions are at the heart of the New Learning Workshop. This is where teachers network with players from non-scholastic places of learning – child and youth services organizations, libraries, makerspaces or media workshops, among others – and put their heads together to develop innovative ideas for the future of learning and teaching.

The participants not only design new approaches for teaching specific knowledge in STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering, mathematics); they also focus on strengthening soft skills. After all, in order to actively shape society, young people will increasingly need skills such as creativity, critical thinking, teamwork and effective communication.

The New Learning Workshop startet in spring 2021 with a kick-off event where attendees can network with like-minded people and start developing solutions for various issues. The plan is to have teams collaboratively implement the ideas developed at the event. Deutsche Telekom Stiftung will support the teams with custom-tailored services. In addition, more workshop meetings will be held throughout the project where participants can share their experiences and think through their ideas even more.


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