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Teaching talent needed

This scholarship program has ended.

Schools need motivated and gifted teachers. With the FundaMINT scholarship scheme, Deutsche Telekom Stiftung sponsors trainee teachers studying at least one of the following subjects at advanced level or for a master’s degree: mathematics, physics, informatics, chemistry or technical subjects. The aim is to prepare prospective teachers for their future job in the best possible way and to improve the image of the teaching profession for STEM subjects. Applications from newcomers to the Master's program are also welcome.

Every year the foundation selects up to 35 candidates who are trained to become teachers and sponsors them for a period of two years. Since 2017 Vector Foundation has been a project partner and assumes funding for five, starting from 2018 each of ten FundaMINT scholarship holders per year. In addition to receiving financial support, scholarship holders particularly benefit from special workshops. These impart skills that are central to the teaching profession, but not yet covered in courses of study nationwide such as diagnostics, communication techniques or Design Thining.

Since 2016, Deutsche Telekom Stiftung – in cooperation with the Educational Exchange Service (PAD) of the Standing Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs and the Central Agency for German Schools Abroad - offers its scholarship holders the opportunity to visit schools in selected countries in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe. In the internationalized program (Klaus Kinkel Scholarship), scholarship winners have the opportunity to student-teach at selected schools in the target countries for four to six months. The following activities are available:

  • Student-teaching in the scholarship winner’s STEM field
  • Conducting student projects at schools
  • Preparatory and follow-up seminars


FundaMINT Fall-Academy 2022 in Futurium Berlin

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