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Visitors and panel discussion at the 6th National MINT Summit

National STEM Forum

Ambitious partnership

Deutsche Telekom Stiftung gets involved in national STEM initiatives For Deutsche Telekom Stiftung, a solid grounding in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) is part of a well-rounded education. Particularly in our increasingly digitalized private and professional world. That’s why the foundation works with numerous partners to improve STEM teaching along the education chain. One such partnership is the National STEM Forum, an association of more than 30 nationwide players. In 2012, Deutsche Telekom Stiftung became a founding member of the initiative, which aims to nurture interest in STEM issues and careers. The forum views itself as a platform for member organizations to share ideas as well as a national lobby for pro-STEM educational policies. It develops educational policy recommendations and common quality standards and engages closely with decision makers in politics, academia, industry and society. Deutsche Telekom Stiftung’s Executive Director, Dr. Ekkehard Winter, is one of the two spokespeople of the National STEM Forum.

In addition to the National STEM Forum, Deutsche Telekom Stiftung also supports “Komm mach MINT”, the initiative for more women in STEM professions; MINT-EC, the national network of excellence for schools; and MINT Zukunft e.V., the employers’ STEM education initiative.

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