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The picture shows participants of a conference from the back.

National Education Forum

Flagship conference on the transformation of education

To advance schooling and education in Germany, various players and stakeholders have to exchange views and ideas in a safe space from time to time. The National Education Forum has provided exactly that kind of setting for debate and discussion since 2018. Held in Lutherstadt Wittenberg, it has grown into one of the country’s most important educational conferences within a very short period of time.

This private event is attended by around 70 experts in the science, practice, administration and politics of education, not to mention representatives from civil society and the media. Attendees spend two days discussing urgent issues and key challenges in education with one another while integrating a variety of perspectives and professions. The National Education Forum is organized by ETF Education Transfer Forum in cooperation with the Protestant Academy of Saxony-Anhalt. Deutsche Telekom Stiftung had already supported the event in the past but, since becoming a forum partner, has been more involved in setting its agenda and helping to translate ideas and inspiration from the forum into educational policy since 2022.


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