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“Cooperation is the key”

Coming together for a joint interview, Henkel supervisory board chairwoman Simone Bagel-Trah and Telekom group CEO Timotheus Höttges talk about social responsibility and their respective corporate foundations.

“Escape the straightjacket”

Smartphone, Tablet und Co. lenken von Lerninhalten ab? Unsinn, sagt der Oxford-Professor Viktor Mayer-Schönberger, Mitglied des Digitalrats der Bundesregierung.

Double-track learning

If you are interested in learning a skilled occupation in Germany, the chances are that this will be as part of a dual apprenticeship scheme. In this case, “dual” means that the young people learn both on the job at an apprenticing company and at a vocational school.

“Everyone can learn from others”

Executive Board Chairman Prof. Wolfgang Schuster explains why Deutsche Telekom Stiftung began looking across the border and what kind of activities it engages in.