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Rules for treating each other respectfully

As employees of Deutsche Telekom Stiftung, we publish reports on the foundation’s website and in social networks about our foundation’s activities, the people responsible for them as well as various educational topics.

We want to allow interested members of the public to learn about our charitable work.

But what are social networks if not a forum for direct communication with users ? And that is what makes our work really interesting. Our commenting guidelines help all participants ensure that their interactions are fair and professional. Verbal abuse and insults directed at other people, the foundation, or our founder, Deutsche Telekom AG, are neither helpful nor necessary and will always be deleted. We therefore ask you to ensure that comments relate to the post and do not stray from the topic at hand.

Commenting guidelines:

  • Comment openly, but remain polite and respectful, just as you would like to be treated by others.
  • The most valuable comments are thoughtful and thought-provoking.
  • Be tolerant of other people’s opinions. When making counterarguments, refrain from ad hominem attacks or personally directed statements.

Comments that will be deleted:

  • Advertisements
  • Insults and personal attacks
  • Violations of German law, e.g. copyright law
  • Comments irrelevant to the post
  • Statements that are harmful to minors
  • Racist comments or hate speech
  • Comments glorifying violence that are specifically directed against people, institutions or companies
  • Pornographic content
  • Any kind of insults and degradation of individuals
  • Calls for demonstrations and rallies
  • Protected personal information such as telephone numbers or e-mail addresses

We reserve the right to remove comments that violate our commenting guidelines and block commenters who commit serious violations.

Disclaimer of liability

All users are responsible for the contributions that they publish. The comments on our post solely reflect the opinion of individual readers. Deutsche Telekom Stiftung accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the accuracy or completeness of the content.

Gender note

To improve readability, our texts largely refrain from using gender-specific wording. In the interests of equality, the terms used always apply to all genders. We generally pursue a non-discriminatory approach. Abbreviated wording is used purely for editorial reasons and does not imply any valuation.
We operate our online channels based on these clear, simple agreements (as of October 2022) but reserve the right to change them at any time if the above rules of conduct are not followed or prove impractical.