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Teaching STEM knowledge and key skills

Movements like Fridays for Future show that children and teenagers are keenly interested in tackling today’s social challenges. They are eager to explore topics such as climate change, biodiversity degradation or future mobility. We want our projects to enable young people between the ages of ten and 16 to actively address and find answers to global issues in the STEM environment. To do this, they need not only mathematical, technical and scientific knowledge, but interdisciplinary skills such as creativity, teamwork and critical thinking as well.

Our projects also support adults who help children and teenagers acquire these skills. That includes not only teachers but also social workers, media educators, librarians and other professionals. After all, we consider it extremely important for schools to work with outside places of learning.

Discover projects now

Two young researchers sit at the computer and discuss.

AI-supported Learning Diagnostics

Researchers develop intelligent learning environment for STEM lessons

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Teacher and students work on computers and laptops

Data Science in school

Learning to analyse data

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Young people stand around a table and look at documents.

Deeper Learning

Developing profound learning processes in STEM classes

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The image shows an excerpt of a page from the Design thinking handbook.

Design thinking in education

Encouraging kids and teens to think innovatively

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The picture shows our fellows in a group discussion.

Fellowship Program STEM Didactics

Skilled STEM teaching

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Our scholarships


Teaching talent needed

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Two teenager building a robot together

GestaltBar – The digital workshop

Digital skills for vo-tech students

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Pupil in Junior Engineer Academy

Junior Engineer Academy

A preference for technical subjects

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Encouraging children's curiosity

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Modules of STEM education

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The picture shows the board game Moonshot Edu.

Moonshot Edu

Finding fun ways to encourage creativity in kids and teens

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Three teachers are discussing an idea

New Learning Workshop

Developing ideas together

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girl is checking facts on her computer

Qapito! Critically assess sources

Teenagers and educational facilitators turn into fact checkers

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Students work with digital equipment at school.

Technology Scouts

Young people strengthen their IT skills

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teacher is explaing things to his pupils

The Future of STEM Learning

Idea factory for classes with digital media

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Two teenager taking a selfie

Yes, I Can!

Discovering and developing potential

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