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Working together for greater impact

Teamwork makes the dream work – especially in a system as complex and diverse as education. That is why we bring in partners to work on numerous projects – and have done so since our very beginning. These partners include educators, educational administrators, politicians, industry leaders, scientists and members of society. Collective commitment to a cause is often challenging, both organizationally and in substance. But the better people get to know each other, the more productive, harmonious and successful their efforts will be. Good educational work often depends on people sharing ideas, supporting one another and wanting to create something together.

In our new strategic orientation, we also focus on collaboration projects where we can achieve a greater “collective impact”.

Discover partnerships now

Forum Education and Digitalization

Forum Education and Digitalization

Learning in a digitalized world

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the building of Futurium

Futurium - House of the Future

Bringing inspiration and innovation to life

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View inside the library of Technical Unicversity of Applied Science Wildau

Library of the Year

Libraries: mediators of digital education

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The picture shows participants of a conference from the back.

National Education Forum

Flagship conference on the transformation of education

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Visitors and panel discussion at the 6th National MINT Summit

National STEM Forum

Ambitious partnership

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Lehrerin und drei Schülerinnen arbeiten im Labor an einem technischen Versuchsaufbau.

OECD Learning Compass 2030

Vision for the future of education

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