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A passion for mathematics

Teachers never stop learning. That’s why Deutsche Telekom Stiftung created the German Center for Mathematics Teacher Education (DZLM) in 2011 at the recommendation of the Panel of Experts for Mathematics across the Educational Chain (available in German language only).

DZLM conducts research and development projects and educates math and non-math teachers throughout Germany about recent theoretical and practical developments in mathematics education. DZLM mainly sets up continuing education courses for ‘disseminators’, i.e. educators who support colleagues in developing material and teaching classes. The pedagogical underpinnings of the project have been developed by nine higher-learning institutions led by Humboldt University of Berlin.

Teachers can access extensive teaching ideas and materials on various subjects on DZLM’s (self-study) platforms. Sample teaching materials, lesson plans and appropriate educational background information are provided free of charge to demonstrate ways to effectively deliver on the promise of digital media in mathematics classes.

Starting in 2021, DZLM will continue its work under the aegis of the Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education (IPN). The Kiel-based institute has established a new department, “Research on Knowledge Transfer”, that builds on DZLM’s previous work and is integrated with large swathes of the DZLM network. The department and DZLM business office are both based at Humboldt University of Berlin

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